Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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All the writings, music and pictures from Japetus are copyright protected for all forms of reproduction including copying, hiring, performing, printing, synchronisation and broadcasting.

This means that you can't reproduce them in any way without permission.

So often we think that obtaining the rights to use our favourite music track or picture is difficult, so we don't bother. If you would like to use any of the material make Contact and put forward a proposal.

As you will see from the Copyright Act, it is a breach to copy material for any reason or by any method including copies on CD, cassette and video for yourself, friends, clients and for resale.

There is no way to stop you of course... especially with the various ways of copying available... so instead... just consider placing the person who wants a copy in touch directly with this site to make their purchase. That way you support the musician and the work and you don't acquire negative karma and most importantly... the person receives a quality product with all the cover information and symbolism.

You can find more information from the Copyright Council of Australia
or review the excerpts from the APRA site below...

What is copyright?

Copyright is a number of different rights that the law grants exclusively to owners of copyright material. Copyright is not a tangible thing. So owning a book or CD does not mean that you own copyright in that book or CD.

Copyright protects specific categories of material including written material (known as "literary" works), artistic works, musical works, sound recordings and films. Literary works include song lyrics.

Do I have to register for copyright?
As soon as you write down your lyrics or music (chord progression) or tape it onto a CD, tape or computer disk, your work is protected by copyright.

Your work must also be original, that is, not copied from another work and the result of some skill and effort by you.

Copyright Notices
Copyright notices are how others know that you are the copyright owner of a work.

You can let others know that your work is protected by copyright by marking all your copies (print and recorded etc) with a copyright notice. The Copyright Act does not require that you do this, but it is recommended.

The copyright notice is a copyright symbol ©, your name (and the names of any other co-creators) and the year the work was created.

How can I prove that I am the copyright owner?
Occasionally legal disputes arise about whether someone is the copyright owner of a work. If this happens you need to be able to prove that you created the work. For this reason it is recommended that you keep a copy of any draft manuscripts or recordings (marked with a copyright notice), and diaries about your work and their development.

On the Internet
Many people assume that material on the Internet is copyright free. They believe that because material is on the net, they can download it, transmit it to other people, print it out or store it, without having to obtain permission from the copyright owner. This is incorrect.

Material that is available on the Internet is protected by copyright in exactly the same way as material that is available through other more traditional channels such as books, videos and CDs. A song stored in a MP3 file, for example, on a web site or bulletin board is protected in the same way as a recording on CD.

If you want to copy that CD, play it in public or communicate it to the public (through broadcasting or the Internet), you need permission from the copyright owner. Similarly, you must also obtain the copyright owner's permission if you want to download that MP3 file onto your own computer, make a copy for a friend or put it on another web site.

The same provisions apply to copying of photographs and any other visual or audio-visual material such as graphic files, movies and other audio only material.

Liability for Copyright Infringement
A person who uploads material protected by copyright onto the Internet, or downloads this material from the net, may be liable for copyright infringement if he or she does not have permission from the copyright owner. Anyone who authorises that activity may also be liable.

A web site or bulletin board operator may therefore be liable for any infringements that occur as a result of users of their site uploading or downloading material. The Australian courts have held that a person who sanctions, countenances or approves of an infringing activity may be liable for authorising that activity.

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© Copyright 1983 - 2018
All music, video, visualisations, artwork and writings by Japetus on this site are copyright protected
and may not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the artist.
To make arrangements to license these musical works contact Japetus